The herbal medicine garden, belonging to Victoria and Pieter, which includes skullcap for anxiety, motherwort for palpitations, yarrow to increase circulation to the uterus, and California poppy, a sleep remedy.

  • Botanical Romance 4 Aug 17

    I’m taking a walk around Victoria and Pieter’s beautifully tended herb garden – and my head is spinning. It’s not just the glorious scents that are released as I brush past the plants, or... Read More

  • 15 Ways to Sleep Smart 2 Jun 17

    1. Stick to a sleep schedule Get your body into a regular pattern. “Try to stick to a sleep and wake routine – go to bed and wake up around the same time every day – this will maintain the... Read More

  • Banking Time 5 May 17

    I’m in a sterile suite of rooms in an anonymous shed-like building in an industrial park in the middle of England. It’s not an underground bunker, but it may as well be for the lack of windows and... Read More

  • Motoring On… with Confidence, Power and Grace 7 Apr 17

    The woman who opens the door to me and ushers me through to the living room of her Loudwater home is elegant and beautifully spoken. It’s only when she offers to make tea that I notice her lilting... Read More

  • Scent and Sensibility 10 Mar 17

    A particular brand of baby shampoo, freshly popped champagne, the perfume I wore to get married – these are all smells that have the power to mentally transport me to a particular time and place... Read More

  • Health Resolutions 30 Dec 16

    1. ESSENTIAL OILS WILL MAKE A BIG COMEBACK Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at, says, “Essential Oils have been around for many, many years but have been forgotten about a bit. Their... Read More

  • 10 Hacks To Help Hang Up Your Hangover 9 Dec 16

    Firstly, what is a hangover? Most of us have found ourselves, at one time or another, suffering the effects of overindulgence. It’s all a bit of a pain in the… well… head, as Shona Wilkinson... Read More

  • 15 Ways to Reclaim Your Waist 2 Sep 16

    1. EAT LITTLE AND OFTEN Dr Marilyn Glenville says: “Try to keep your blood sugar levels and energy levels stable by eating something every three hours. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack... Read More

  • Beautiful Age

    We live in a wonderful era where science has made so many leaps in so many directions that we can easily look as young as we feel. And it’s not about invasive surgery either, because the... Read More

  • Are you TATT? 1 Jan 16

    Insomnia: ‘habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep’. It sounds so innocuous, but it’s a huge problem for those afflicted. And when a child asks innocently ‘How many sleeps until…?’, for... Read More

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