The Body You Deserve

16th March 2012

Personal Trainer and Life Coach, Davinia Gill, shares her top tips that will you help get the body that you want this Spring, gearing up for the Summer months.

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* Get moving. You've heard it before: Park far away. Take the stairs. Increase your active living.

* Walk, jog or bike to work.

* Walk during your breaks -- even five minutes is better than nothing.

* Start small. "No pain, no gain" is a recipe for failure. Have small goals of exercise to include into your week. ie 5 mins of crunches one day, 10 mins on the Wi Fit one day, 15 minute walk another day.

* Instead of lingering over brunch, lunch or dinner, get up and take a walk with your friends.

* Bring your food to the office. You will have more portion control and calorie control.

* Eat healthy snacks. Fruit, nuts, seeds, celery, carrot sticks.

* Drink more water –this will help your system to expel waste more easily and hence help you to lose weight more quickly.

* Use the buddy system for workouts. Have a friend to exercise with or hire yourself a personal trainer.

* Educate yourself on portion sizes, then follow them.

* Set realistic goals that will let you become your own cheerleader and will continue all year long.

* It is natural to allow yourself a 'cheat' day and indulge in a treat. The key is to use that day as a reward for a well-balanced nutritional investment you abide by for the rest of the week.

* Use a smaller plate so you don’t eat as much.

* Set a game plan. How will you handle the office party, the Friday night happy hour, the football gathering? Where will you sit? How can you avoid mindless munching?

* If you fall off the wagon, get up and get back on. You can do it.

Most importantly – have fun and enjoy your new healthy regime so that you feel fabulous.

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