Darren Glenister

  • Body Positive 28 Dec 18

    I hardened my heart against the very idea of #AFitterMe… until I talked to Darren Glenister, whose brainchild (bodychild) it is. I’d heard plenty about this 12 week programme on the grapevine... Read More

  • Back on Target 31 Aug 18

    Never mind ‘Me Too’… when it comes to impressive campaigns This Girl Can has arguably had just as important an impact – and without the Hollywood backing. Featuring women of all shapes... Read More

  • Fun, Friendship and Fitness Goals 9 Mar 18

    1. Square up to squash… Once regarded as an ‘old-school’, squash is regaining prominence in a big way. Named as number one by Forbes Magazine in a list of the top 10 healthiest sports... Read More

  • Active Body: Active Mind 19 Dec 17

    On the days when I have already done some exercise, I’m always aware that I feel more attentive, more creative and definitely more productive when it comes to writing or even just admin work. The... Read More

  • Top Ten Tips Fitness Trends for 2017 5 May 17

    1. Tech that’s training you harder Fitness trackers and smartwatches mean we can now monitor almost any aspect of our workout, from calories burned, to metabolic rate, to distance travelled... Read More

  • Find Your Flow 30 Sep 16

    For someone whose idea of exercise is walking briskly to the car or flexing my arm muscles as I lift a glass of wine to my mouth, the idea of reviewing an exercise class made me feel at best amused... Read More

  • Best Foot Forward 16 Oct 15

    Over ten million people do this all year round. It burns 400 calories an hour and uses 95% of the body’s muscles (don’t know why the other 5% are excused?). No, it’s not housework, nor putting... Read More

  • Run For Your Life 27 Mar 15

    Running changes you for the better. The first, and in some ways the most evident, point is that when you run marathons, you become more physically and mentally healthy. You’ve also probably heard... Read More

  • Miles More Fun 23 May 14

    Forget the HS2 rail link. When it comes to travelling between London and Birmingham there’s a far cheaper and more environmentally sound option: run. Sounds ridiculous? Tell that to the hundred... Read More

  • Tri-umphant 28 Mar 14

    According to the British Triathlon Federation, this multi-sport – consisting of swimming, followed by cycling, followed by running – is one of the fastest growing in the UK. Membership of the... Read More

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