• Nature's Nurturing 4 May 18

    Victoria Beckham won’t travel without them, Adele uses them to calm her nerves before a live show and Kate Hudson has a bowl filled with them by her bedside. What is it about crystals that makes... Read More

  • Tap Your Troubles Away 16 Oct 15

    “It may look nuts, but it works,” says Christine Moran, an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner from Little Chalfont, Bucks. Emotional Freedom Technique, often called... Read More

  • Itch, Scratch And Repeat 27 Mar 15

    In the UK, one in five children and one in twelve adults suffer from atopic eczema, with research showing that the number of new cases each year continues to rise. Eczema varies in severity from a few... Read More

  • Mind Over Matter 4 Oct 13

    “You must learn to listen to your body,” my personal fitness coach told me, about twenty years ago, when I first began to take such things seriously. Unfortunately, the fact is that we only... Read More

  • …And Relax… 25 May 12

    Having dined recently at My Thai (the restaurant side of this two-pronged business), it was, I suppose, inevitable that I’d soon go back to experience the linked Nuad Thai massage salon that... Read More

  • Presence of Mind… and Soul 21 Oct 11

    The Presence gift shop in The Parade, Watford, is, if its owners will forgive me for saying so, very ordinary. You might clock it if you wanted cards or calendars or fridge magnets, but otherwise... Read More

  • Can't Put A Foot Wrong 7 Oct 11

    Fertility expert Zita West estimates that one in six couples face issues when trying for a baby – and the number having problems conceiving is growing. There can be many reasons that may hamper... Read More

  • Look Into My Eyes 5 Aug 11

    If experience is what you need to be successful in complementary medicine, then Harry Gamp has it in spades… At 86, he’s almost certainly the oldest practising hypnotherapist in the... Read More

  • Stretch Marks 19 Nov 10

    When a massage or therapy treatment is the last thing you think you need, the chances are that that’s when it’s likely to do you the most good. Heading off to Senses in Northwood, all I can... Read More

  • Mind-Body Therapy Goes Hands-On 22 Oct 10

    When social worker Sarah*, 52, booked her first Biodynamic Massage with Oxhey practitioner Kate Codrington, she was managing a heavy workload, experiencing workplace bullying issues, and juggling... Read More

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