The class is invited to smell the essential oils with care.

  • Scent and Sensibility 10 Mar 17

    A particular brand of baby shampoo, freshly popped champagne, the perfume I wore to get married – these are all smells that have the power to mentally transport me to a particular time and place... Read More

  • Feminine or Feminist? 24 Feb 17

    I found the process of research for our recent feature about the history of makeup (Political to Pretty; issue 612) utterly compelling. As a beauty writer, I’m amused by the idea that Victorian... Read More

  • Political to Pretty 27 Jan 17

    What is it about cosmetics that are so compelling? Personally, I love the potential. I love the fact that I can wake up, look at my bleary face and know there’s something I can do about it: some... Read More

  • Are you Multi-masking? 13 Jan 17

    Not to be confused with multi-tasking – although that’s a handy skill too, as the woman in the picture above can attest – multi-masking is the latest beauty trend taking social media by storm... Read More

  • Health Resolutions 30 Dec 16

    1. ESSENTIAL OILS WILL MAKE A BIG COMEBACK Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at, says, “Essential Oils have been around for many, many years but have been forgotten about a bit. Their... Read More

  • Make This The Year You Overcome Your Sensitive Side 30 Dec 16

    Whether you want to wear makeup only occasionally – for a wedding, special night out or job interview – or you’re a regular user, if you have a sensitive skin or a diagnosed skin condition... Read More

  • 10 Hacks To Help Hang Up Your Hangover 9 Dec 16

    Firstly, what is a hangover? Most of us have found ourselves, at one time or another, suffering the effects of overindulgence. It’s all a bit of a pain in the… well… head, as Shona Wilkinson... Read More

  • Spice And All Things Nice 9 Dec 16

    Nothing evokes Christmas quite as well as the all-enveloping scent of cinnamon. From the inviting lure of mulled wine to the pungent richness of a mince pie, it’s the central ingredient of so many... Read More

  • Fabulous In Five 25 Nov 16

    If there’s one thing you can certain about at this time of year, it’s that your diary will be fuller than usual. Socialising is a serious business at Christmas, and just as high maintenance as the... Read More

  • A Mature Approach 25 Nov 16

    Taking care of your skin in later life isn’t about trying to look younger; instead, it’s about a holistic approach to looking and feeling your very best. Eating well, keeping active and wearing... Read More

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