• Just Add Sunshine! 18 Oct 19

    Vitamin D plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy, but since sunlight is our primary source – and hey, this is England – many people struggle to create enough during the winter months. In... Read More

  • Autumnal Attitude 4 Oct 19

    I know that many people adore autumn, and the tableau of golds, reds and russets that nature presents us with is certainly very beautiful, but there’s a melancholy in losing the brightness of the... Read More

  • Home Instead 4 Oct 19

    Alexis Neighbour, co-owner of Home Instead Senior Care, is passionate about dementia care and is an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends Champion. She has created 800 Dementia Friends, running... Read More

  • At the Drop of a Hat 6 Sep 19

    You only have to look at pictures from the last few royal weddings to see that hats are still very much in vogue. Not that they’ve ever really been out of fashion, in one form or another – from... Read More

  • Core Competency 6 Sep 19

    Look at the cover of any health and fitness magazine and chances are you’ll see a model with a lean and toned torso on the front cover. A rippling set of abs (for men) or a flat stomach and tiny... Read More

  • Fake it! Don't Make it 23 Aug 19

    Glow from within… Antioxidants are absolutely essential for optimum health and gorgeous, glowing skin. Vitamins E and C are particularly effective at fighting environmental aggressors, so eat a... Read More

  • Consume Less Gingerly 23 Aug 19

    1. Digestion dilemmas prevented Ginger is a versatile spice brimming with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s effective in treating chronic indigestion and associated symptoms... Read More

  • Sun Drenched 2 Aug 19

    The British have an amusing love-hate relationship with the sun. We long for it for most of the year, but when it shines in full strength, as it does (sporadically) in the summer months, we’re... Read More

  • Mozzie Mayhem 2 Aug 19

    DEET (an acronym for a group of chemicals with extremely long unintelligible names) is a repellent that works by interfering with a mosquito’s receptors. It’s enormously effective, and the key... Read More

  • Walking on Eggshells 19 Jul 19

    When I was in my early 20s I suddenly developed an allergy to shellfish. I’ll spare you the gory details of my symptoms, but I ended up in hospital on a drip several times before I identified the... Read More

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