• Winter Sun with Personality 20 Apr 18

    The thing to appreciate about Sri Lanka is that, while it’s not very big, every journey is of epic proportions. A few kilometres might not sound like much, but on the country’s crowded roads... Read More

  • A Break in the Journey 23 Mar 18

    Chris Ambrose offers some suggestions for three great stopover destinations… Read More

  • There is Only One Ukraine 23 Feb 18

    It doesn’t matter how much Russian you speak, or how fluently. When the polite late-middle-aged lady taking you round the house gestures at the inside of an empty wardrobe, you’re bound to... Read More

  • Costa Rica Calling 15 Dec 17

    1. PURA VIDA Following your arrival in Costa Rica, it’s not long until you hear ‘pura vida’ (pronounced poo-rah vee-dah) or read it emblazoned on a t-shirt. Its use is multi-purpose: it’s... Read More

  • The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes 8 Sep 17

    If you’re looking for a location that’s been prettied up to support and encourage tourists, then this one probably won’t appeal. The hotels, unused to Western visitors, are still working on... Read More

  • Hull and High Water 16 Jun 17

    An impressive if intimidating raft of Hullonians has been corralled to celebrate the city’s 2017 City of Culture accolade, and when I step off the train at Hull’s Paragon Transport Interchange... Read More

  • Kilkenny Kudos 7 Apr 17

    Six hundred and fifty years ago, the Anglo-Irish parliament, based in those days at Kilkenny Castle, was struggling to subordinate the native Irish. The Statutes of Kilkenny were just one attempt to... Read More

  • A Lille French Gem 27 Jan 17

    “Lille? Isn’t that where the largest slag heap in Europe is?” The dubious look from my partner sends me straight to Google. Yes, Lille is indeed near the vast coal belts of France’s... Read More

  • City of Opportunity 25 Nov 16

    As the country’s IT capital, the Garden City is not on many tourists’ itineraries. But for a first timer to India, Bangalore (or to use its official name, Bengaluru) is a gentle introduction... Read More

  • Sunshine on a Winter's Day 14 Oct 16

    If you dream of winter sun but can’t face long haul, why not consider Tenerife, a mere four-and-a-half hours away? With comfortable flights at sociable times and a selection of five-star... Read More

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