Alice Liddell by Lewis Carroll, 1858 © National Portrait Gallery, London

  • A Trick of the Light 9 Mar 18

    “When people think of Victorian photography, they sometimes think of stiff, fusty portraits of women in crinoline dresses, and men in bowler hats,” says the National Portrait Gallery’s Head of... Read More

  • A Sense of Line and Purpose 1 Dec 17

    Tate Modern’s comprehensive homage to the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani opens with a room containing a single work: Self Portrait as Pierrot, painted in 1915. It’s a brave curatorial move... Read More

  • The Father of us All 3 Nov 17

    It was Henri Matisse who described Paul Cézanne as the ‘father of us all’. To Pablo Picasso, Cézanne was ‘the mother who protects her children’. Make what you will of Picasso’s comment... Read More

  • Trash or Treasure Trove? 14 Jul 17

    ‘Rejuvenated Junk’, the current temporary exhibition at the William Heath Robinson Museum in Pinner, is a clever collaboration between the Museum and ‘knowtrash’, a unique collection of 4000... Read More

  • A Whole World in Himself 2 Jun 17

    To some, it’s known simply as The Wave, or The Great Wave. It’s a wood-block print that has so transcended national boundaries that it has become an international motif, ideal for recycling as... Read More

  • The Maker's Art 19 May 17

    It’s easy to imagine, in a world in which everything seems to happen online, that contemporary artist-makers are relying on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like to get their work seen. In... Read More

  • The War Between Good and Evil 10 Mar 17

    “I wanted”, explains artist and sculptor Nathan Sawaya, “to do something about good and evil – and what could be better than working with heroes and villains… these are the iconic characters... Read More

  • A Retrospective of the Future 10 Feb 17

    When Peter Crouch, the venerable, well-liked Stoke City striker, scored his 100th Premier League goal at the start of this month, he celebrated by doing his trademark ‘robot dance.’ Involving a... Read More

  • Playing with Perspective 10 Feb 17

    There is, indicated art critic Charlotte Mullins on Radio 4’s Front Row, an odd sense in which David Hockney has been under the radar recently. Of course, there have been substantial shows (two at... Read More

  • 21st Century Gothic 13 Jan 17

    A crisp walk by the river at Battersea Park in the winter months will always get the thumbs up from me, if only to say hello to the herons and take a few deep, meditative breaths by the Peace... Read More

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