• I'd Like You To Meet… 3 Nov 17

    Everyone knows how ghastly it is to walk into a party and feel you’re the only person in the room who doesn’t know anyone. If you’re lucky, you might catch someone’s eye and get chatting... Read More

  • Stanza Bonanza 30 Sep 16

    CAROLINE SMITH Five years ago, when Caroline Smith started to weave the often harrowing experiences of her clients into poetry, she could not have predicted that publication of her collection would... Read More

  • Simply Frank 10 Apr 15

    He was variously dubbed Ole’ Blue Eyes, the Chairman of the Board, the Sultan of Swoon, the Lean Lark, and the Moonlight Swoonatra, but the moniker which suited him best was, quite simply, The... Read More

  • Strictly Unforgettable 13 Feb 15

    Once known as the ‘bad boy’ of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – sometimes scathing, always outspoken and with a string of romances linked to his name – Brendan Cole now describes himself as... Read More

  • Welcome To Stephen's World 30 Jan 15

    ‘Awkward’ is the word at the forefront of Stephen K Amos’s mind. “Even in this day and age, we still don’t like to talk about things like race and sexuality or how much you earn… all those... Read More

  • Local Venue Triumphs 10 Oct 14

    Watford Colosseum was delighted to win the prestigious Award for Excellence in Customer Service at the recent summit celebrating excellence across the whole HQ Theatres and Hospitality... Read More

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