'Never Greener' Review

11th April 2018

Ruth Jones is a Welsh actor and screenwriter who has appeared in 'Little Britain', 'Nighty Night' and 'Gavin and Stacey', which she co-wrote with James Corden. Her most recent role was Stella in the eponymous Sky 1 series, which she also wrote and produced.

She's just written her first novel and will be appearing at a Chorleywood Book event at The Junction, Christ Church, Chorleywood on Tuesday 17 April, to discuss ‘Never Greener’, published this month by Bantam Press (£12.99).

Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? That's the question Ruth asks in this novel that unravels the gut-wrenching intricacies of romantic relationships, and the foibles of human nature.

Callum may be happily married to Belinda, but his Achilles heel is Kate, with whom he had a passionate affair seventeen years previously, just after the birth of his third child with Belinda.

Rich, successful and beautiful tv actress Kate shares her life with the ever-patient Matt and their five-year old daughter Tallulah, but cannot shake her feelings for Callum, the only man ever to have rejected her.

When they meet again by chance, their attraction is just as intense. Should they put their feelings behind them and move on with their lives, or rekindle their affair and risk shattering the lives of those closest to them? Are they two lost souls destined to be together, or two morally weak individuals knocked sideways by sexual chemistry?

It’s hard not to be judgmental about the actions of the main characters. The marriage of Callum and Belinda, in particular, is painted as such a happy one that it’s hard not to shout ‘no!’ at the pages. While Callum’s oafishness makes us wonder what Belinda and Kate see in him, Kate’s character is much more marvellously complex: at times repugnantly manipulative, yet also redemptively vulnerable.

Ruth has an enviable talent for characterisation. Fans of 'Gavin and Stacey' and 'Stella' will find a similar gamut of complex and engaging personalities, all brought to life with Ruth’s signature light touch. It’s a wonderfully absorbing, page-turning read, perfect for making a few hours disappear on a rainy Spring day.

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