Thames Lido; pic: Andre Pattenden

  • Creating a Splash 20 Apr 18

    “Lidos are to swimming pools as lingerie is to underwear,” said the late environmental campaigner, writer and confirmed outdoor swimmer Roger Deakin, creating an image that perfectly sums up the... Read More

  • Winter Sun with Personality 20 Apr 18

    The thing to appreciate about Sri Lanka is that, while it’s not very big, every journey is of epic proportions. A few kilometres might not sound like much, but on the country’s crowded roads... Read More

  • Another Day at the Office 20 Apr 18

    Martin Freeman has spanned the genres; comedy, sci-fi, action, costume drama – even those scenes in Love Actually where he and co-star Joanna Page were regularly in the buff. But on this last... Read More

  • 'Never Greener' Review 11 Apr 18

    Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? That's the question Ruth asks in this novel that unravels the gut-wrenching intricacies of romantic relationships, and the foibles of... Read More

  • A Break in the Journey 23 Mar 18

    Chris Ambrose offers some suggestions for three great stopover destinations… Read More

  • Frankenstein's Legacy 23 Mar 18

    The title is a byword for monster, the author was a teenage girl with little formal education, and the story covers science, mythology, philosophy and poetry. I’m talking about Frankenstein, Mary... Read More

  • Time and Rhythm 9 Mar 18

    1. Music Listening: Music is an art form available to almost every human being. Anyone can explore safe and appropriate ways in which music can lift their mood. Indeed, in public places, such as... Read More

  • A Trick of the Light 9 Mar 18

    “When people think of Victorian photography, they sometimes think of stiff, fusty portraits of women in crinoline dresses, and men in bowler hats,” says the National Portrait Gallery’s Head of... Read More

  • There is Only One Ukraine 23 Feb 18

    It doesn’t matter how much Russian you speak, or how fluently. When the polite late-middle-aged lady taking you round the house gestures at the inside of an empty wardrobe, you’re bound to... Read More

  • Brothers In Arms 9 Feb 18

    When Willy Russell read a one-act play as a child ‘about two babies switched at birth’, it planted a seed that became a mighty oak of musical theatre. He went on to write Blood Brothers... Read More

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