• The Cosiest of Cottages 9 Nov 18

    After 17 years in a suburban three bedroom 1980s semi in Chippenham, Kim and Graham Hallett experienced a dramatic lifestyle change when they moved to an 18th century cottage in deepest Wiltshire... Read More

  • Character Building 28 Sep 18

    It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, Natasha and Paul’s home was less sparkle and shine than dust and damp. Before the pair embarked on their labour-of-love renovation, this 1930s house... Read More

  • Classic Country Style 17 Aug 18

    Emily Waters always knew that one day she would heed the call of her native Wiltshire countryside. In 2016, while working in Reading, and living in rented accommodation, she and husband Chris... Read More

  • Summerhouse… and the Living is Easy 18 May 18

    For years, Sue Blakeley had been admiring a striking Edwardian house tucked away down a country lane in the heart of the Chiltern Hills. “I had heard that the house had a somewhat dilapidated yet... Read More

  • Bare-Faced Chic 6 Apr 18

    As an award-winning photographer, Venetia Dearden has a great eye for design, which manifests itself both in her work (her first solo show in London was held at the National Portrait Gallery in... Read More

  • From a Galaxy Far, Far Away 6 Apr 18

    Art and science are often seen as mutually exclusive – as if someone can be ‘arty’ or ‘scientific’, rarely both. But when I put that to astronomer and photographer Chris Baker, he looks... Read More

  • Letting New Light in on a Childhood Home 23 Feb 18

    “When I inherited my childhood home, my husband, Michael, thought we should sell it”, Diana recalls. “I simply couldn’t part with it, as my family had been happy living there for more than... Read More

  • Making an Opening Statement 23 Feb 18

    When a book on exterior/interior design has a forward from the president of RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, you know you’re on to something. Jane Duncan, the president in... Read More

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin 12 Jan 18

    Kevin McCloud is very big in Iran. He’s a household name in Taiwan, Turkey, India and most of Scandinavia. Across mainland Europe he and David Attenborough are doing more for international relations... Read More

  • The Real Deal 1 Dec 17

    IN the season of festive fun, the ultimate centrepiece in every home has to be the Christmas tree – perfect for hanging treasured decorations, creating a glittering window display and acting as a... Read More

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