• If Life Gives You Lemons... 28 Aug 09

    I didn’t know whether to be more amused or shocked when I saw the words ‘Warning: may contain pips’ on a net of lemons. As a health and safety message it’s almost as ridiculous as... Read More

  • Bitter Sweet 17 Jan 09

    With a vast range of jams and preserves permanently available on supermarket shelves it can be hard to believe that marmalade was once a seasonal product. If you didn’t make enough in the early... Read More

  • Pastry Case 23 Aug 08

    This time last year, on a Summer Dinner Party course at Brook Hall Cookery School, chef Stephen Bulmer observed that if you make pastry from scratch, people – dinner guests in particular – are... Read More

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers… 23 Aug 08

    It’s possible that chilli (or chili, or even chile) peppers are the most significant seasoning in the world, after salt – and we all know that we should be consuming less of that. Chilli spices... Read More

  • A Better Bit Of Batter 2 Feb 08

    For goodness’ sake… just how many ways can there be of making a basic Yorkshire Pud? More than you can shake a celebrity chef at, that's for sure. If you’re looking for recipes you can take... Read More

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