• Where There's a Will, There's a Way 22 Mar 19

    Whether it’s cheesecake, cigarettes or Cabernet Sauvignon that’s your Achilles’ heel, you’ll no doubt be familiar with that all-consuming need to eat, smoke or drink your favourite substance... Read More

  • Walking the Walk 8 Feb 19

    “Come and see me and I’ll help you lose a stone,” Darren Glenister, founder of #AFitterMe told me when I met him. Could those words have been any sweeter to my ears? He also said that I had some... Read More

  • Eat Fat and Lose Fat 11 Jan 19

    I’ve spent my entire adult life avoiding fat in my diet. In the 80s, 90s and noughties the low-fat mantra was absolute. I would no more have drunk full fat milk than ingested rat poison; but over... Read More

  • Beyond Baked Beans 31 Aug 18

    The stereotypes surrounding student cooking are legendary… and, when you think about it, limited: beans on toast, pot noodles, takeaways, all washed down with cheap wine. For some, that’s probably... Read More

  • Have Your Cake and Eat It 15 Jun 18

    For A chef known for gloriously tasty, yet healthy recipes and a pragmatic approach to dieting, being diagnosed as insulin resistant and pre-diabetic was a shock. “My doctor blithely told me to give... Read More

  • Feed Your Skin 9 Mar 18

    1. Look Younger with Lotus Seeds Popped lotus seeds may just look like any other savoury snack, but the seeds contain plant compounds that can have antioxidant activity, including different types... Read More

  • It's All About the Broccoli 16 Jun 17

    My father used to pride himself on his attitude towards food. ‘I eat to live,’ he said, frequently. ‘I don’t live to eat.’ It’s fair to say he wasn’t a foodie – but, as he survived... Read More

  • The Power of Ten 24 Mar 17

    Day one doesn’t begin well. A text from my bank advising me of suspicious activity on my account leads to half an hour on the phone to their fraud department at breakfast time. When my partner waves... Read More

  • Is Sushi Healthy? 16 Sep 16

    We are living in a generation where people are more aware of health and wellness than ever, and it’s now far easier to make the correct food choices. However, amongst some of these so called... Read More

  • All About Allergy 11 Mar 16

    In the supermarket ‘free from’ aisles, the world is your oyster. Shoppers with food allergies can buy dairy-free custard and wheatless pasta, along with quinoa flour and rice porridge. And buy... Read More

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