Kim Havelaar

  • Who Wants a Cuppa? 19 Apr 19

    The day my grandmother died, I must have been asked if I’d like a cup of tea at least half a dozen times. From the doctor who broke the news, to the wonderful nurses on duty, to the funeral... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: The Steak Restaurant 5 Apr 19

    Stylishly kitted out with clever mood lighting, earthy tones, dark wood panelling, and with intimate leather booths and banquettes, TSR has a touch of the private members' club about it. In terms of... Read More

  • Where There's a Will, There's a Way 22 Mar 19

    Whether it’s cheesecake, cigarettes or Cabernet Sauvignon that’s your Achilles’ heel, you’ll no doubt be familiar with that all-consuming need to eat, smoke or drink your favourite substance... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: The Bedford Arms 22 Mar 19

    This classic country house hotel does have a formal dining room, but we’re eating in the welcoming bar area, which is artfully designed and decorated with a mixture of wood, leather, bricks, tiled... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Hawtrey's 8 Mar 19

    The Barn Hotel is a delightful contrast of old and new. Made up of three historic Grade 2 listed buildings, it combines the traditional decor of a stately home with a modern, relaxed boutique vibe... Read More

  • Walking the Walk 8 Feb 19

    “Come and see me and I’ll help you lose a stone,” Darren Glenister, founder of #AFitterMe told me when I met him. Could those words have been any sweeter to my ears? He also said that I had some... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Giggling Squid 8 Feb 19

    The first Giggling Squid opened in a converted fisherman’s cottage in Brighton in 2002; now this small chain of Thai restaurants is steadily spreading its way across the southern part of the... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: St James 25 Jan 19

    Owner Alfonso bounds over to greet me with an exuberance that belies the calm atmosphere of the restaurant. I don’t live in Bushey, and don’t visit St James as often as I’d like, but my... Read More

  • Eat Fat and Lose Fat 11 Jan 19

    I’ve spent my entire adult life avoiding fat in my diet. In the 80s, 90s and noughties the low-fat mantra was absolute. I would no more have drunk full fat milk than ingested rat poison; but over... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Maurizio's 7 Dec 18

    Pop-up restaurants are quite the thing these days, I understand. Some open with never an intention of being around for more than a month or two, burning like a brief candle; others just never quite... Read More

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