• Walking the Walk 8 Feb 19

    “Come and see me and I’ll help you lose a stone,” Darren Glenister, founder of #AFitterMe told me when I met him. Could those words have been any sweeter to my ears? He also said that I had some... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Giggling Squid 8 Feb 19

    The first Giggling Squid opened in a converted fisherman’s cottage in Brighton in 2002; now this small chain of Thai restaurants is steadily spreading its way across the southern part of the... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: St James 25 Jan 19

    Owner Alfonso bounds over to greet me with an exuberance that belies the calm atmosphere of the restaurant. I don’t live in Bushey, and don’t visit St James as often as I’d like, but my... Read More

  • Eat Fat and Lose Fat 11 Jan 19

    I’ve spent my entire adult life avoiding fat in my diet. In the 80s, 90s and noughties the low-fat mantra was absolute. I would no more have drunk full fat milk than ingested rat poison; but over... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Maurizio's 7 Dec 18

    Pop-up restaurants are quite the thing these days, I understand. Some open with never an intention of being around for more than a month or two, burning like a brief candle; others just never quite... Read More

  • The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating 23 Nov 18

    You’ve tucked away the turkey, polished off the pigs-in-blankets and scoffed the sprouts, but the best bit’s still to come. It’s time for the Christmas pudding – the indulgent combination... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: The King Stag 23 Nov 18

    Decor-wise, this Bushey gastro-pub manages to hit the perfect sweet spot between trendy and traditional. It stylishly nails ‘modern country cottage’, with its slouchy sofas, scrubbed wooden... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Meze Mangal 9 Nov 18

    With its low ceilings and beams, its simple wooden tables and its dark red chairs, the dining area at Meze Mangal could be the interior of any traditional restaurant… but the reality is quite... Read More

  • What to Drink When You're the Designated Driver 26 Oct 18

    I don’t know about you, but I get so frustrated on a night out when I’m not drinking. It’s not the lack of alcohol exactly: it’s the lack of choice. I don’t particularly like sweet and... Read More

  • A French Connection 26 Oct 18

    Who among readers of a certain age enjoyed A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle (pub. 1989) and longed to move to the South of France to spend their days in the sunshine, with nothing more taxing to do... Read More

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