Titanic in dry dock c. 1911 © Getty Images

  • The Golden Age of Ocean-Going 9 Feb 18

    My maternal grandmother, the daughter of a cranedriver at the Clyde docks, was fond of reminiscing about the past, and of telling me about our family’s years in America, after migrating there during... Read More

  • Soairse Shines 9 Feb 18

    Still only 23, Saoirse Ronan has found the role of a lifetime. Such a preposterously premature statement may seem like PR hype, but when you’re the star of the highest-rated movie ever – at least... Read More

  • Love and Marriage… 26 Jan 18

    For Jane Austen, it was a truth universally acknowledged that marriage was the end goal. Her heroes and heroines might have dilly-dallied on their way up the aisle, but there was never any doubt... Read More

  • A Giant Bear of a Man 26 Jan 18

    It says plenty about skewed human priorities that while the Rothschild banking dynasty is famous, not to mention envied, for its massive wealth, the contribution made by several family members to... Read More

  • Tough Love 26 Jan 18

    While he’s undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s biggest draws, it’s nice to see Liam Neeson has remained as humble as ever. Despite a phenomenally successful four-decade commitment to the big... Read More

  • Declutter Your Life 29 Dec 17

    I send my car for its annual MOT and service in late December: a chance to get it checked as the year draws to a close, and to ensure any problems are dealt with as a new one begins. Even if it... Read More

  • The Unlikely Hunter Gatherer 29 Dec 17

    Many people nurture a vague hope that, at some point in the future, they’ll be able to ditch a humdrum day job to do something more imaginative. Few, however, have the pluck to put their dream... Read More

  • Animal Rescue 15 Dec 17

    New Hope was founded in 1990 by two self-styled ‘ordinary house-wives’, Janet Hosier and Sheila Meaning, who saw the many people sleeping rough around St Mary’s Church in the centre of Watford... Read More

  • Keeping the Wonder Alive 1 Dec 17

    Growing up, Julianne Moore had slightly less glamorous dreams for the future. “I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer and go to grad school because that’s what my parents wanted. But above that, I... Read More

  • Heartbreak and Humour 17 Nov 17

    In real life Sue Holderness is much more well spoken than her alter ego Marlene (or Marleeene as fictional husband Boycie in comedy classic Only Fools and Horses would say). Moreover, she’s not... Read More

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