• Getting the Drift 8 Sep 17

    if you’ve spent the summer seeking out the sunshine, here or abroad, in search of a warm break with plenty of opportunities for relaxation (and why wouldn’t you?), then spare a thought for... Read More

  • 20 Years of Google 8 Sep 17

    1. Google is now a verb (with a small ‘g’): It’s been a byword for going online since 2006, when it was officially recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary. Merriam Webster defines it as... Read More

  • Meeting a Master Storyteller 25 Aug 17

    Michael morpurgo is everything you’d expect a children’s author to be: avuncular, twinkly-eyed, direct, even a little bit gruff. And patient. Very, very patient. I watch him at the launch of... Read More

  • Good Grief 25 Aug 17

    I remember exactly where I was on 16 August 1977. It was the day Elvis died. But it’s only stuck in my memory because I casually relayed the news to someone who promptly collapsed in sobs. She was... Read More

  • Changing Faces 4 Aug 17

    When Cara Delevingne graced the red carpet at the Met Gala 2017, it was evident that she was a different woman entirely from the shy and awkward ‘It Girl’-turned-model who first rose to prominence... Read More

  • Snow Slays 30 Jun 17

    For nearly half a decade the battle to be rated the greatest show on the box has been conquered – series in, series out – by Game of Thrones, screened by American cable/satellite television... Read More

  • Pink Collared and Proud 16 Jun 17

    Recently I spent hours, online and off, trying to buy my teenage daughter a second-hand car. I had Auto Trader on speed dial and soon became an authority on the relative performance of every small car... Read More

  • Genning Up 2 Jun 17

    The generation in which we grew up defines us just as much as our nationality, class or gender; it informs our values, our outlook on life, and probably even our economic status. As we approach the... Read More

  • What's Cooking? 19 May 17

    As emotional as MasterChef finals go, this one even brought a tear to John Torode’s eye. He was seen discreetly wiping his sleeve across his face after he and co-judge Gregg Wallace presented... Read More

  • Online… and Immortal 5 May 17

    ‘See your memories...’ Every day, Facebook invites us to look back: at the parties, at the weddings, at the banal status updates. The ‘On this Day’ feature, introduced in 2015, seems harmless... Read More

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