A Small School Celebration

25th May 2012

Proud to be celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year is Buckingham College Preparatory School (B.C.P.S.) and its adjoining Buckingham College Nursery, a day school for boys between the ages of two and eleven and girls aged two to four.

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BCPS is a small ‘family school’ which offers its pupils a very high level of pastoral care. Indeed, the Independent Schools Inspectorate in June 2011 found that ‘the standard of pastoral care provided and support for pupils is excellent’.

BCPS produces excellent academic results year in, year out, due to its small class sizes (maximum of 20 per class) and to the expertise and professionalism of its dedicated and highly qualified teaching staff. Indeed, our current Year 6 class of 18 pupils managed to gain no less than 60 offers to major Independent and Grammar schools – 12 of them at scholarship level. Moreover, in the past 12 years, the School has always managed to place every member of Year 6 in at least one of the prestigious Senior Independent Schools in the area – a remarkable achievement!

BCPS also prides itself in its results in other areas of the curriculum, namely Sport, Music and Drama. Such is the enthusiasm for sport in the school that the PE/Games Department organises Inter-School competitions in Swimming and Cross-Country. The School also competes in sports such as football, rugby, hockey and cricket at Under 9 and/or Under 11 levels. With a Judo squad of over 40 and a very comprehensive after-school programme of 16 sports and recreational pursuits, pupils at BCPS have every opportunity of developing their individual and social skills.

Music also plays a very important part in the life of the school with approximately 65% of pupils playing an orchestral instrument, some as young as 5. With an orchestra currently 35 strong and 7 peripatetic staff on call, it is not surprising that pupils frequently achieve examination results as high as Grade 6. Music scholarships are now a regular occurrence. The School Choir performs annually at the Royal Albert Hall.

Drama holds a high profile at BCPS too, as the school presents four major productions in the academic year. The Expressive Arts Week, when pupils have the opportunity of participating in approximately 14 categories of events, is also a focal point of the academic year. Once again, Drama scholarships feature highly.

The School also believes in forging a strong Parent/Teacher partnership so that parents feel as if they have a vital role to play in the education of their child. The Inspectors found that 'the School has excellent relationships with parents'.

Visitors to the school are welcomed at any time by appointment when a personal tour can be arranged.

Buckingham College Preparatory School
458 Rayners Lane

Tel: 020 8866 2737

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