Northwood Prep

25th September 2010

Where Everyone Is Someone

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Northwood Prep School celebrates its centenary in the academic year 2010-11. As we start our centennial year, we are quite rightly looking back over a hundred years of progress and development that has resulted in the very successful school we have today. The school has a national reputation for academic excellence [listed in the top 50 schools in the UK] as well as the quality of its pastoral care. Northwood Prep boys are quietly confident, assured and curious, excelling in their academic work as well as in sports and the arts.

We aim not only to deliver high levels of teaching and learning but to cater for the needs of each pupil through an extensive range of extra-curricular activities. Our intention is to make sure that every boy has the opportunity to develop his non-academic interests and abilities as well.

For the last 13 years the school has been led by Dr. Trevor Lee who enjoyed a broad base to his teaching experience before joining us in 1997.
In order to match our aspiration to develop a world class outlook we have been purposefully improving standards of accommodation and educational resources. Contact Debbie Crossan on 01923 825648 for more information about opportunities for your son at Northwood Prep. in 2011.

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