Regent Learning

…the additional support all children need...

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Regent Learning offer specialist supplementary tuition in English, maths, science and I.C.T. to students from age 3 through to ‘A’ level. Our teachers are skilled and committed professionals, able to give the additional support all children need to enable them to become successful in life as well as at school. Our track record is exemplary. Each child has an individually tailored programme to consolidate work and stretch them at their own pace, to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Children come to Regent for many reasons. We have a superb record in entrance examination preparation for independent schools from age 3 upwards. Other children are already settled in schools - locally or in the independent sector - and wish to improve their performance to ensure greater success and enhance their education.

The Creative Concept programme develops creative writing, encouraging creative thought processes to the maximum. Children become confident and competent through a combination of the arts and academic excellence. Creative Concept can also be run along with individual programmes in other subjects during the holidays.
Children with Regent Learning excel because we enable them to do so.

We care, and we keep in close touch with parents. Do contact us on 020 8966 9900 and make an appointment to discuss your aspirations and concerns for your child.

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