Record Scholarships Achieved At Edge Grove School

27th March 2018

Leading independent prep school in Hertfordshire, Edge Grove, has just announced record levels of scholarships achieved at 11+ and 13+ for 2018. With close to 30 individual scholarships being awarded to talented pupils at the school, Edge Grove is set to celebrate a record year as it congratulates its hard working pupils on their determination and commitment to learning.

The senior school scholarships were awarded across many disciplines from major and all-rounder scholarships, to major academic, sports, drama, arts, music and a number of specialised scholarship awards too.

Ben Evans, Headmaster at Edge Grove school commented: “It’s wonderful to see so many of our children demonstrating the resilience and dedication needed to achieve and even exceed their potential. The number of scholarships awarded this year is excellent and is testament not only to the hard work the children continue to put into their studies, but also to the teachers and supporting staff at Edge Grove who have nurtured and inspired them on the journey towards their next chapter. We wish them all every success at their new schools.”

The selected children will begin their new scholarships at the start of the school term in September 2018 in a variety of top senior schools from across the country.

11+ scholarships were offered at the following schools, to name a few:

Millfield - All Rounder Scholarship
Habs Girls - Academic Scholarship
St Albans High School for Girls - Academic Scholarship

At 13+ some of the scholarship offers included the following schools:

Harrow - Beckwith Scholarship and Music Exhibition
Bedford - Drama Scholarship
Rugby - Drama Scholarship
Downe House - Academic Exhibition
Rugby - Academic Scholarship
Uppingham - Academic Scholarship

Evans continued: “We are dedicated to the creation of confident and self-assured learners and we’ll continue to follow our guiding principles to nurture individual excellence and foster talent in a challenging, warm and fun environment. This is a record year for Edge Grove and we’re very proud of these fantastic achievements across a wide range of schools and specialisms.”

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