Ellie by Rianna Roston

National Art Competition Winner

17th January 2014

Rianna Roston, a Year 13 student at The Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth, has been chosen to have a piece of her artwork featured on the front cover of the January 2014 Specialist Crafts catalogue.

Specialist Crafts is a widely used arts and crafts catalogue for a company that supplies schools and colleges nationwide with art materials. Each year they publish a student’s artwork on their front cover; entries are received from schools across the country and the standard is always extremely high.

Rianna chose her sister to act as the inspiration for her oil on canvas painting entitled 'Ellie' because the picture is quite expressive 'and she has a very expressive face'.

Back in May 2013, Head of Art, Leanne Kingston, entered a selection of pupils’ A-Level coursework into the competition, hoping that one might be selected for print. Two of the entries were chosen to be shortlisted for the catalogue cover and, as a school, RMS was commended for the high standard of work produced by the girls.

Rianna hopes to study History of Art at either Exeter or Nottingham next year when she leaves school.

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