• Look at Life: Baldness 3 Aug 18

    At the start of this year, an £180 expenditure by our future King caused more controversy than the entire multi-million-pound refurbishment of Big Ben. It was all about the hair of our heir... Read More

  • Ten Top Tips for Terrific Tutoring 6 Jul 18

    1. Clarify your concerns: If you’re afraid your child is falling behind academically or, conversely, is not being stretched enough, your first point of call should always be with their form... Read More

  • Look at Life: Packing 6 Jul 18

    When it comes to first world problems, this must come top of the list; as confessions go, I fear it will elicit very little sympathy. But here goes. I find packing for a holiday really... Read More

  • Look at Life: Statues 15 Jun 18

    Coventry has Lady Godiva, naked (naturally) except for a strategically-placed scarf; Birmingham has a reclining female nude in a fountain, known as the ‘floozie in the jacuzzi’, plus an... Read More

  • The First Cut is the Deepest 1 Jun 18

    Heidi and Ed are an unlikely couple to have grabbed the headlines last Christmas: not politicians, celebrities or criminals – just two newlyweds, who discovered something incredible during an... Read More

  • Look at Life: Fitness Trackers 18 May 18

    10,000 steps a day. That’s all it takes to get fit. Oh, and a measuring device strapped to a moving part of our body – ideally the wrist, although I have been tempted to put it on the... Read More

  • A Prize Catch 18 May 18

    Essentially, a scholarship is an award, often attracting a fee remission of around 10%, that reflects a child’s exceptional academic ability or talent in sport, art, music, drama, technology or... Read More

  • Look at Life: Podcasts 4 May 18

    My gym recently had a refurb. To drown out the uptempo motivational music that’s now blaring out, I jam my earphones in. Most people do, I notice. But while they’re most likely listening to... Read More

  • Seeing Red 20 Apr 18

    There are three colours in Uganda, wrote one first time visitor: blue for the sky and Lake Victoria, green for the trees and the hills, and red for the earth. ‘The earth turns everything red and... Read More

  • Look at Life: Adult Friendships 20 Apr 18

    When we were younger, friendships blossomed from a combination of proximity (living on the same street, being in the same class at school) and shared interests (going to ballet lessons, supporting the... Read More

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