• Look at Life: Too Many Books 19 May 17

    ‘Twenty five million books missing from UK libraries’, screamed (or should that be ‘whispered’) a newspaper headline a couple of months back. Er… I think a few of them may be in my home. Not... Read More

  • I Think, Therefore I Learn 5 May 17

    What’s philosophy?, I ask my twelve year old. Is it, um, fairy tales? he replies. Philosophy, it seems, isn’t relevant to young people. It evokes images of old men with beards, possibly... Read More

  • Look at Life: Adult Colouring Books 5 May 17

    RELAXING, I find, is very hard work. I envy the people who can just switch off, empty their heads of everyday worries and chill out. Even as a child I struggled to settle my restless mind. If I... Read More

  • Paw-trait of an Education 21 Apr 17

    When children arrive at Mandeville Primary School, St Albans, every morning, they’re greeted not only by their teachers, but also by another very special member of the school team. This individual... Read More

  • Look at Life: A Whiter Shade of Pale 21 Apr 17

    I’d been thinking about it for a while. That skunk-like stripe that kept stubbornly reappearing on my head was starting to intrigue me. It was so white… and I was curious to know how I’d look if... Read More

  • The Fourth Pillar 7 Apr 17

    A generation has grown up with the internet, and the way that they connect with friends and with the wider world is at best perplexing, and at worst unfathomable, to older members of society. Every... Read More

  • Look At Life: Handwriting 7 Apr 17

    ‘My pencil is my friend. Our letters curl and bend, and when ideas refuse to come, I chew the other end.’ So says celebrated children’s author, Julia Donaldson. And few would argue with the... Read More

  • Top Ten Tips for Teens 24 Mar 17

    1. GET PLANNING Before you do anything, sit down and work out a realistic revision timetable, with plenty of breaks and time for social stuff too. One way you can do this is divide however long you... Read More

  • Filling the Empty Cradle 24 Mar 17

    Like being on a blind date but with the odds stacked against you… is how one IP (Intended Parent) describes the whole process of meeting a surrogate. “You go along to the social events organised... Read More

  • Look At Life: Dystopias 24 Mar 17

    It’s January 1984 and I’m eleven years old. George Orwell’s most famous novel is all over the media. I’m far too young to understand it properly, but I’m reading an extract printed in my... Read More

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