• Look at Life: Women who Propose 8 Feb 19

    What a proper proposal needs is breeches and a scarlet petticoat. Well, that’s if you’re a woman proposing to a man. If you’re a man, you just have to make sure you have enough goats to give... Read More

  • Talking Tutoring 25 Jan 19

    Parents generally choose to have their offspring tutored for one of two broad reasons: concern that he or she is falling behind their peer group and expected targets – or, conversely, is not being... Read More

  • Look at Life: Women's Work 25 Jan 19

    There are plenty of strong men in my family. But when my 89-year-old aunt died last autumn, six of her nieces carried her coffin. It seemed appropriate that she should have women pallbearers... Read More

  • Look at Life: Deafness 11 Jan 19

    I’m writing this in early January – that time of year when resolutions are made, resolutions are broken. After a week of sitting around eating chocolate selection boxes for breakfast and tucking... Read More

  • Look at Life: Girls' Weekends 28 Dec 18

    Everybody warned me… that it would be like negotiating Brexit but without the frequent trips to Brussels. And they were right – except organising a girls’ weekend away involved more... Read More

  • Look at Life: Surprises 7 Dec 18

    When my husband and I were first together, he casually mentioned that when he was a child he used to go looking for his Christmas gifts ahead of the big day. I was absolutely horrified; such monstrous... Read More

  • Look at Life: Blockbuster Exhibitions 23 Nov 18

    Call me a philistine, but these days I’m happy to look at art in books, or enjoy the insights of tv’s many art critics. I used to love going to exhibitions, but nowadays it has to be something... Read More

  • Look at Life: Birthday Challenges 9 Nov 18

    Crispy roast potatoes, mobile banking, swimming front-crawl… A comprehensive trio of challenges, I thought, as I hurtled towards my 50th birthday and was contemplating what I had yet to achieve in... Read More

  • Look at Life: Phone Calls 26 Oct 18

    Like Scottish wildcats, toast racks, handkerchiefs and Christmas cards, the landline is fast becoming an endangered species. If you’re under 30 years old, you’re almost certain to own a mobile... Read More

  • It's a Personal Thing 12 Oct 18

    “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,” wrote iconic writer and poet Maya Angelou. It’s a profound and inspiring statement about the value of self-expression and the... Read More

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