• Testing Times 19 Apr 19

    A hamster. That was what my son turned into during his A Levels. A hamster, with earphones and constantly bulging cheeks – filled with everything except the wholesome snacks and... Read More

  • Look at Life: Lost Love 19 Apr 19

    While having lunch with old school friends the other weekend, I couldn’t help but think about the power of unrequited love, as we all reminisced about ‘the one that got away’. It seems to be a... Read More

  • Look at Life: Luxury Chocolate 5 Apr 19

    Did caramel become salted the same time as pork became pulled? In my youth, salt was on chips and caramel was just the posh name for toffees – but now this flavour, invented by the Parisian... Read More

  • Look at Life: Baby Gender 22 Mar 19

    ‘Expecting a Boy? Meghan’s Baby Blue Gown Raises Eyebrows’. ‘Does Meghan Markle’s pink baby shower decor mean she’s having a girl’? For royal watchers, the last few months have been a... Read More

  • Look at Life: Keith Flint 8 Mar 19

    I’m writing this in shock at the death of Keith Flint, frontman for dance band The Prodigy. I know that people can be powerfully affected by the death of someone in the public domain. I remember... Read More

  • A Balancing Act 22 Feb 19

    Play is more than just a bit of ‘down time’ for children. While they do need regular breaks from the mental stimulation and challenges of daily lessons, play gives them the opportunity to... Read More

  • Look at Life: Razor Sharp 22 Feb 19

    When Gillette unveiled its latest advert – replacing its legendary strapline ‘the best a man can get’ with ‘the best men can be’ – it’s fair to say that its original approach and... Read More

  • Look at Life: Women who Propose 8 Feb 19

    What a proper proposal needs is breeches and a scarlet petticoat. Well, that’s if you’re a woman proposing to a man. If you’re a man, you just have to make sure you have enough goats to give... Read More

  • Talking Tutoring 25 Jan 19

    Parents generally choose to have their offspring tutored for one of two broad reasons: concern that he or she is falling behind their peer group and expected targets – or, conversely, is not being... Read More

  • Look at Life: Women's Work 25 Jan 19

    There are plenty of strong men in my family. But when my 89-year-old aunt died last autumn, six of her nieces carried her coffin. It seemed appropriate that she should have women pallbearers... Read More

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