Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike at the ‘Gone Girl’ premiere (52nd New York Film Festival). Photo by aphrodite-in-nyc.


  • Dark, Damaged… And definitely In Demand 13 Jan 17

    Browse any bookshop these days, and you’ll be struck by the number of novels about damaged, dark or dangerous women. You can spot them a mile off, with their tell-tale shadowy covers flagging up... Read More

  • Are you Multi-masking? 13 Jan 17

    Not to be confused with multi-tasking – although that’s a handy skill too, as the woman in the picture above can attest – multi-masking is the latest beauty trend taking social media by storm... Read More

  • A Year In The Making 13 Jan 17

    Several years ago, brothers Stephen and Declan Keane, both dentists, bought some land on which to build two modern five-bedroom houses as a money-making venture, employing the skills of a builder... Read More

  • 21st Century Gothic 13 Jan 17

    A crisp walk by the river at Battersea Park in the winter months will always get the thumbs up from me, if only to say hello to the herons and take a few deep, meditative breaths by the Peace... Read More

  • Look At Life: Quizzes 13 Jan 17

    Postman Pat’s surname? The answer to this fundamental question was the lowest point of my twenty years attending that most intellectual of social evenings – the Quiz Night. Because I knew it... Read More

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