printed figurines from body scans © 3Dify


  • A New Dimension 21 Aug 15

    Imagine being able to print your own dinosaur… Well, actually, you can. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, United States, has pioneered 3D scanning technology in the... Read More

  • Have a Good Cry 21 Aug 15

    I do enjoy a well-written book that has the power to induce tears. And I also love to have a good cry at the end of a sad film. Or an emotionally-charged TV drama… or even one of those... Read More

  • Beguiling Bergman 21 Aug 15

    IN 1981, Ingrid Bergman was interviewed before a live audience at the National Film Theatre (NFT) by John Russell Taylor, film historian and editor of Films and Filming, the late lamented (and... Read More

  • Avani 21 Aug 15

    Avani, recently opened on Watling Street in the centre of Radlett, sets out its stall as ‘Indian fine dining at its best’, and the cool, contemporary interior goes hand in hand with the... Read More

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