Up Helly Aa Vikings marching through the streets of Lerwick


  • Here We Come A-Wassailing 28 Nov 14

    While you’re tucked up cosily at home, all across the UK there are people, usually men, donning bizarre and sometimes sinister headgear and costumes in the freezing cold to celebrate ancient and... Read More

  • I'd Like To Teach The World To Draw: Quentin Blake 28 Nov 14

    Master illustrator Quentin Blake – Sir Quentin Blake, since the 2013 New Year Honours List – has brought a library’s worth of children’s books to life. His delightful illustrations have... Read More

  • A Look At Life: Today's The Day 28 Nov 14

    The mere hint of a significant day, week or month has us hanging out the bunting and donning the paper hats faster than you can say ‘easy to erect trestle table’. I’d always been aware somewhere... Read More

  • It's About The Result Not The Process 28 Nov 14

    Think facial, and – if you’re anything like me – you think relaxing, pampering, soothing. Think again. Almost the first thing that Dr Sabika Karim of Revere, says to me is along the lines of... Read More

  • The Hare 28 Nov 14

    The atmosphere in The Hare is warm and cosy, with a good deal of buzz about the place. The welcome is friendly and cheerful; in fact, the staff are, if anything, rather too keen to serve us. A menu... Read More

  • As Nice As Nice 28 Nov 14

    Unlike some of its neighbours on the south coast of France, Nice doesn’t close down and hibernate like a bear in the winter – it’s open all year. Another big plus is that the airport is... Read More

  • Pirates & Princesses 28 Nov 14

    In the 65 years since Lego went on sale, those ubiquitous bricks have been made into pirate ships, castles and space shuttles, sent myriad parents hunting under their sofas, and even sparked theme... Read More

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