Stuart Law at his inaugural press conference as Middlesex Head Coach at Lord’s


  • Laying Down the Law 19 Apr 19

    The highly regarded former Australian batsman, 50, started his new challenge as head coach at Middlesex in January and is relishing the opportunity to turn around the fortunes of a club which won... Read More

  • Learn to Love Your Garden 19 Apr 19

    As the sun shone last summer, I lapped it up. Not just because I’m happiest in good weather, but because for the first time in a decade I was in possession of a garden, so could fully appreciate the... Read More

  • Prep Like a Pro 19 Apr 19

    Take your time: This one’s a biggie. We shouldn’t feel guilty or too self-indulgent to set aside time to get our look just right. A makeup artist (MUA) generally takes around an hour to apply... Read More

  • Getting Education Down to a Fine Art 19 Apr 19

    Art has traditionally been considered by many to be a creative subject that lacks the academic rigour of other subjects such as maths and science. But art in schools today has evolved far beyond... Read More

  • Exploring Coastal Connections 19 Apr 19

    A ship, they say, is a microcosm of society, so what better way to explore our shifting sense of national identity than in the multitude of maritime museums around our coastline? For all its... Read More

  • Testing Times 19 Apr 19

    A hamster. That was what my son turned into during his A Levels. A hamster, with earphones and constantly bulging cheeks – filled with everything except the wholesome snacks and... Read More

  • Featured Restaurant: Herons 19 Apr 19

    Prominently situated in the little hamlet of Heronsgate, near Chorleywood, Herons is warm, welcoming and very stylish. The walls are plain to the point of minimalist, the paints and fabrics a timeless... Read More

  • Who Wants a Cuppa? 19 Apr 19

    The day my grandmother died, I must have been asked if I’d like a cup of tea at least half a dozen times. From the doctor who broke the news, to the wonderful nurses on duty, to the funeral... Read More

  • Look at Life: Lost Love 19 Apr 19

    While having lunch with old school friends the other weekend, I couldn’t help but think about the power of unrequited love, as we all reminisced about ‘the one that got away’. It seems to be a... Read More

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