Visitors in the Dream section of the Robots exhibition © Plastiques Photography, courtesy of the Science Museum.


  • A Retrospective of the Future 10 Feb 17

    When Peter Crouch, the venerable, well-liked Stoke City striker, scored his 100th Premier League goal at the start of this month, he celebrated by doing his trademark ‘robot dance.’ Involving a... Read More

  • The Bricklayers Arms 10 Feb 17

    The pleasure in returning to The Bricklayers Arms, tucked away in the tiny Hertfordshire hamlet of Flaunden, never wanes. It’s everything you expect a good country pub to be: charming and cosy... Read More

  • The Maverick Medic 10 Feb 17

    It’s 1955, and a seven year old boy from a council estate in Scunthorpe is sitting in front of his brand new television, mesmerised by a programme about surgery called Your Life In Their Hands... Read More

  • Playing with Perspective 10 Feb 17

    There is, indicated art critic Charlotte Mullins on Radio 4’s Front Row, an odd sense in which David Hockney has been under the radar recently. Of course, there have been substantial shows (two at... Read More

  • Brain Training 10 Feb 17

    successful singer, instrumentalist, lyricist and composer Phillipa Leigh studied at the world-renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, has performed at top venues around the country, including... Read More

  • Look at Life: Grand Gestures 10 Feb 17

    I was never one of ‘those’ schoolgirls who could expect a flurry of Valentine’s Day cards thudding on her doormat. Nor was I alone in that amongst my friends – but that still didn’t take the... Read More

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