Dani Willey with fellow student vets Charlie Tewson, left, and Matt Wilkinson


  • Wild Thing… i Think I Love You 5 Sep 14

    It is early morning at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, and vet-in-training Dani Willey is on small animal surgery. She’s just been presented with a fluffy, black... Read More

  • The Year Of The… Bus? 5 Sep 14

    As a man from the sticks, on my regular trips home I’m constantly made aware of the importance of a decent bus service for those with no other means of transport. It’s all too easy to blame... Read More

  • Red Alert 5 Sep 14

    As my friend looked at her husband’s vivid red mop and then at her growing bump and uttered the words ‘as long as it’s not ginger’ I inwardly cringed. It’s a ‘joke’ I’ve heard so... Read More

  • A Look At Life: Gadgets 5 Sep 14

    Or I could just use a knife… Am I the only person who thinks this when faced with the latest kitchen gadget which promises to chop, peel, dice and slice? It’s dishwasher safe and it complies... Read More

  • A Family Occasion 5 Sep 14

    No sooner is the engagement announced than the tricky matter of assembling the guest list looms into view. Should you invite the aunt you haven’t seen since you were 12? What about the cousin that... Read More

  • And Breathe… 5 Sep 14

    We have a term of endearment for our six-year-old daughter: ‘Manic Monica’. It refers to the fact that when she’s tired, she goes into a kind of crazy hyperactive mode. When we settle her into... Read More

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