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  • Much More Than Marmalade 31 Oct 14

    There comes a point in the life span of food fashion when resistance is futile. Pachamama is a case in point. Its head chef is Tom Catley, who signed up to the space – a former bolt hole beloved of... Read More

  • The Best 16th Century Painter You've Never Heard Of... 31 Oct 14

    I find that I approach exhibitions flagged as ‘long overdue’ and ‘an artist… ripe for rediscovery’ with a certain amount of caution. It’s alarming when the marketing is based of trying... Read More

  • A Look At Life: Pocket Money 31 Oct 14

    According to the Halifax’s annual pocket money survey, not only do more boys receive pocket money than girls (84% v 79%) but they also get, on average, 5% extra per week. At a time when the gender... Read More

  • Uncovering The Real Harry 31 Oct 14

    “There’s no manual on being second in line to the throne, let alone fifth after the birth of the next royal baby. Harry is royal, but he does it in his own way.” So says Penny Junor of the... Read More

  • Uncovering The Real Cromwell 31 Oct 14

    Historian Tracy Borman admits that when she was asked to write a biography of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s controversial right hand man, she was terrified. “There is so much interest at the... Read More

  • Only The Lonely 31 Oct 14

    More than half of people aged 75 years and over live alone and according to a report by Age UK, two fifths of older people say that television is their main company. One estimate, based on a number of... Read More

  • A Body Of Evidence 31 Oct 14

    Traditionally ‘does my bum look big in this?’ was a question posed by females (and didn’t usually require a truthful answer). But recently such queries regarding body image have been asked... Read More

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